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Developed by MLS LaserLock International company, LaserLock uses a combination of software encryption techniques and unique laser marking on the protected CD's surface made during the special LaserLock CD mastering procedure, making copying practically impossible.  Each and every protected CD application has a unique locking parameter that provides a complete protection against illegal re-mastering and reproduction. For more information on how the LaserLock protection was developed please visit the LaserLock website.

Detection Of The Protection

The following hidden directory should exist on the original CD: LaserLock.  The files in this directory contain unreadable errors.

You can use one of the many protection detection tools from our Game Copy Protection Identifying Tools page to identify whether the protection is being used on your game.

Burning/Backup Solution

There are several different methods you can use to successfully burn/backup your game, as follows:

You can use the Generic LaserLock Patch. This patch currently will patch up LaserLock v4.03.x, LaserLock 4.05.x and LaserLock 5.00.x.  Also available is the LaserLock Import Fixer which will also bypass the protection.

You can use CloneCD to successfully burn the game. Use ClonyXXL to scan the game, it will then tell you what protection is being used on the game (LaserLock) and the correct settings to use in CloneCD to successfully backup the game. You can also use Alcoholer protection scanner and Alcohol 120% burning software. Use Alcoholer to scan the game, it will then tell you what protection is being used on the game (LaserLock) and the correct settings to use in Alcohol 120% to successfully backup the game. BlindWrite can also successfully burn a game with this protection on it. You can also use Daemon Tools to emulate the game and the protection. *Remember, if you experience problems with burning the game at high speeds, (2 speed +) (both the read and write process), then burn the game at lower speeds such as 2 speed and under (both read and write process). A lot of the time burning the game at slow speeds will solve problems of the install not working, or the burner not bypassing the CD's protection.